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Stay Hydrated with Maxed


Keeping your thirst quenched and staying hydrated is crucial to bringing your best while running. The benefits of hydration include improved energy and stamina, and a quicker recovery time after a long and demanding workout.


On shorter runs (45 minutes or shorter) you should be able to go without drinking water, but if it’s a scorcher of a day and you’ll be sweating a lot, keep taking regular sips. It’s better to take frequent sips of water rather than taking large, infrequent gulps.


Keep water at-hand. Whether you use a handheld running bottle or hydration pack, the key is to keep your water accessible alwaysThis ensures you never stop to take a sip, and that you’re taking regular sips at regular intervals. 


Whether you are recovering from your last workout or run, or gearing up for your next training session, staying hydrated is key. Up your hydration game with Maxed’s range of water bottle and hydration packs. There’s a colour and style for every parkrunner, priced for every budget. Shop the range online, at your nearest MRP Sport store, or on the MRP app. 

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