News - 2nd October 2018

Celebrate International parkrun Day this Saturday


This Saturday is international parkrun day! We will be celebrating 14 years of parkrunning around the world! Whether it’s your first parkrun or your 687th, we would love you to join us for a run or walk tomorrow!


Never have I seen a better example of the strength of the volunteers at parkrun than I witnessed at the Durban Point inaugural run on the 22nd of last month. There were purple volunteer shirts everywhere, and if the volunteers weren’t in purple, they were sporting high viz jackets. There must almost have been a record number of volunteers at the run.


The run itself was lots of fun and I recommend it to any parkrunner looking for something a little different. I won’t spoil it for any future runners but I can say that Durban Point parkrun gets really interesting once it heads into the Village Walk shopping center at uShaka Marine World.  Kevin Bouwer, Riley McCabe and the team how did you persuade so many to volunteer?


Last Saturday, Hilton parkrun joined the parkrun family. This is a beautiful country run, from Grace College and through the forests of Hilton. The views are spectacular and on a clear day it is possible to see the Drakensberg in the distance.  Sadly I missed the Hilton launch, which I hear was an amazing success with 900 plus participants. Will van Loggerenberg, Rossie Crookes and a big group of local volunteers managed this large crowd with ease. They were also well supported by the Regional ambassadors, Robin Archer and Alan Payne.


The reason I was not at Hilton parkrun is because I was in Washington DC for the celebration of Nelson Mandela’s Centennial as a guest of the South African Embassy. To celebrate we all attended the Fletcher’s Cove parkrun. Click here for more on this story.


Bruce addressing the crowd at Fletcher's Cove parkrun

Bruce addressing the crowd at Fletcher’s Cove parkrun


The Fletcher’s Cove parkrun experience is exactly the same as every parkrun in South Africa. This is the beauty of parkrun. No matter where you parkrun, the same policies apply throughout the world. One of these policies concerns children. It is important to remember that children must be taking part in the parkrun because they want to, not because they have been forced to. Please may I remind parents that we have a parkrun policy that all under 11’s must be accompanied the entire route at parkrun by the parent/guardian or adult selected by the parent and within arm’s reach of the child. This policy is there to safeguard your child. To read more about children at parkrun click here.


Durban Point U11s


Summer start times begin this weekend at many parkruns in extremely hot regions. Please check the website of the parkrun you intend to visit to check the start time before arriving.


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