News - 27th November 2018

Volunteer Hero: Mark Laird


We have been truly blessed with our volunteers, and they have been absolutely amazing over the last few weeks as we have been finding our feet. Not only have they become “regulars”, who have put their hands up week after week to ensure that our core positions are always filled, but also each and every one of them has brought something unique to the team. Week after week we have received floods of Facebook recommendations and compliments, mostly attributed to our “awesome and friendly volunteers”. They have all been totally committed, made a huge impact, and have made Drumblade what it is today.


Mark Laird is one of the volunteers who I have valued immensely. He assisted me (relentlessly) in the weeks leading up to the Drumblade inaugural with absolutely everything that needed to be done. He was also actively involved in all the time-consuming and tedious tasks such as route mapping and testing, distance measurement, and signage.


Subsequently, he is the only volunteer who has been at all 11 Drumblade events. He has volunteered in just about every role and most weeks assumes multiple volunteer roles. Every week without exception he has arrived earlier than all other volunteers to assist me in preparing and setting up.


Aside from all of the above, and probably most significantly, he has become known as the Drumblade entertainer! He has done the “First Timers Briefing” every week so far, and the word has spread! Visitors, tourists and regulars arrive early specifically so that they can attend “First Timers Briefing”. Many, many first (and memorable) impressions have been made and I truly believe it is this experience that has kept people coming back. First impressions ALWAYS count, and these have made a lasting impact and have made people love Drumblade as much as they do.


I would like to thank Mark Laird for all that he has done and is doing for Drumblade parkrun.


Cheryl Jansen van Vuuren

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