parkrun profile - 6th March 2019

parkrun profile: Thousand Hills


Thousand Hills parkrun, near Hillcrest, KZN was launched in 2016. As the name suggests, the course is famous for its hills. Philip Guttentag tells us more:


When was Thousand Hills parkrun set up? Our first event was in February 2016 and we were started by Tracey Whiting


What have been the highlights of your event so far? The property is essentially a rural farm. There have been numerous occasions where runners have to shoo the cattle off the path before being able to proceed! Another highlight is the remarks made by runners who truly appreciate the volunteers who stand in wind rain and cold ensuring a great event.



85 runners took part in our celebratory reverse run at Thousand Hills on Saturday 23 February, marking our third birthday. An absolutely beautiful day greeted the runners and volunteers on the day. Gay Tilbury very kindly baked two cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate as well as ice lollies for the participants. Jen kindly arranged the official birthday cake beautifully decorated.


Who helps to make Thousand Hills parkrun a success? I must mention Gay Tilbury who invariably volunteers most weekends setting up the course from well before 6am.


What makes your parkrun unique? We are apparently the toughest parkrun, and definitely the most scenic – the course is best described as extreme trail.




What are the typical parkrunners who come like? We have a real mix of all capabilities and ages.


Have you had any notable visitors? Yes, Hideo Tanaka (UK) who visits us every year to assist with international Comrades runners, taking Japanese athletes on the Comrades route tours. He tries to fit in as many parkruns as possible and enjoys visiting 1,000 Hills.


What are the success stories of your parkrunners? We do have a few regulars who walked the route in over 90 minutes and who now finish in under 40 minutes.


What are the facilities like? We have good facilities, loads of safe parking and close access to toilets and showers. The adventure cafe is also at hand for the finest burgers around!


What is the one thing a first timer to your parkrun should know? Be prepared for a few hills, possible livestock, beautiful scenery…and great coffee and breakfast afterwards!

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