News, parkrun Hero - 6th March 2019

parkrunner of the week: Theopetra Nokubonga Mashaba


Name: Theopetra Nokubonga Mashaba


Age: 23


Home parkrun: Nkomazi


Occupation: Peer Counsellor


Number of runs: 23


Number of times volunteered: 18


How has parkrun changed your running? parkrun changed my way of viewing  things when it comes to running. Now I am training  hard to reach the target I have set for myself. parkrun taught me to be disciplined, yet it has the quiet rule which I apply to everything; it is not a competition. parkrun is about the physical and mental health of an individual.


What was your first parkrun like?: My first day at parkrun, I was wearing  a Jersey and it was hot on that particular Saturday morning, which made it very hard. It took me 1 hour to complete the 5km parkrun.


What do you like about volunteering  at parkrun? I get a chance to meet new people have a long dialogue with them which may involve plenty of topics about how to have a healthy lifestyle. At our parkrun we have new faces every Saturday.


Why should other volunteer  at parkrun? Well being a parkrun volunteer is quite fun. Sometimes you will learn how to operate  a stopwatch, which is quite an easy task, but I just like to encourage people to be involved with parkrun and to volunteer.


What fellow volunteers say about Nokubonga: Nokubonga  is cheerful, she likes taking pictures for parkrun and at some Saturdays she prefers to be a tailwalker. She is a responsible, dedicated young person.

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