News - 26th June 2019

Volunteers keep us running all winter


The first winter cold snap hit the Western Cape last Saturday and it looks as if another is about to arrive in parts of South Africa this weekend. After warm and balmy weather in May and early June, winter has finally arrived.


Despite this we still had runners and walkers attending parkruns all over a cold, soggy Cape last weekend. The same will probably happen this weekend with thousands of parkrunners defying the cold weather to attend their weekly parkrun.


I would like to pay special tribute to our inspiring teams of volunteers who braved the weather to ensure our parkruns went ahead smoothly while they were marshalling, timing and scanning barcodes.





The look of the latest printed barcode has changed substantially. The barcode itself is bolder and bigger and has been updated, and now displays the official South African logo including the Discovery/Vitality logo. Please remember that barcodes on phones and other devices are not accepted, and our volunteers cannot be expected to accept barcodes on these devices.


I attended The Junior King’s School boarding school in Canterbury in England in the 1960’s. The school was at the former residence of Lord Milner of Boer war and colonial administration fame and was also known as Milner Court. While eating meals in the school dining room, I remember often staring at a tatty framed flag that hung over the main door of the school dining hall. It was a hand sewn flag stitched by the women at the siege of Mafeking in 1900. It was said to have replaced an old Union Jack flag that had been shot to pieces by Boer marksmen. Hoping that the siege was soon to be lifted and that the Boers would soon retreat the seamstresses had sewn the optimistic words;

“All that comes our way” on the flag.


Little did I know in those distant days of The Beatles, The Cold War, Apollo 11, Vietnam and the assassination of JFK that I would one day travel to Mahikeng (as it is now known) to attend the launch of another member event of the phenomenon known as parkrun. On Saturday Goodwill parkrun, run from the Goodwill sports ground in Mahikeng, will join the parkrun family. Event Directors, Anisaa Moosa and Christine Williams, have designed a fast, flat course on grass and trail paths. They have warned me that the parkrun is the talk of the town and that everyone is very excited and looking forward to Saturday’s first run.


This Saturday will see Hilton parkrun return to the original route


Next week several of us will attend the Global parkrun conference in the UK. Our experiences at previous Global conferences have been informative and invaluable and I am looking forward to reconnecting with good parkrun friends from around the World. I am sure that there will be some exciting news to share when I write the next newsletter.


Cheers for now,


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