parkrun Hero - 24th July 2019

Volunteer Heroine: Ingrid Hauger


Ingrid Hauger is Co-Event Director at Voortrekker Monument parkrun, Pretoria, and is this week’s parkrun hero! Ingrid wants to ensure that everyone is having as good a time as she is at the event. Let’s find out a bit more about her parkrun journey.


When did you start parkrunning?

My very first parkrun was 29 March 2014 at the Voortrekker Monument. Back then it was the only one in Pretoria and I loved it! I had been running for a few years and was coming back from a horrible fall and I managed to crawl up that Meandering hill and fly on the downhill. It was the BEST day! And it reignited my love for running.


Why do you parkrun?

I love the challenge of running a fast 5km. I love the community. I love that it is at a decent time on a Saturday. I love that it is in so many different places, not just in South Africa, but the world! And I love how even when I feel like I can’t I can still run a parkrun because it is the best feeling after you finish!


When and where did you volunteer for the first time?
My first time was at the Botanical Gardens as a token sorter in 2014. I’m actually a ridiculously shy person (yes, I hide it well) and, although I wanted to give back to the event that had given me so much, I didn’t want to be in a position that made me uncomfortable. I’ve moved past that thankfully.


What is your favourite role?
I love marshalling and being the communicator. I feel that the voice in the back of your head is 2/3 the battle in parkrun and if you have someone telling you how well you are doing and how you’ve got this that you’ll find the inner strength to give just a little bit more.


Why do you volunteer?I love it. I love giving to others what I have gotten myself. If it weren’t for volunteers we wouldn’t have this event. Here or at any of the hundreds of parkruns around the world. parkrun changed my life for the better. How better to say thank you than to ensure that others get the same experience. Maybe it will change someone else’s life for the better too.

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