parkrun Hero - 29th August 2019

Volunteer Heroes: David & Sheree Kuhn

David and Sheree

On 20th July 2019, Langebaan parkrun welcomed little Bentley Langford Kuhn, (at only 15 days old) son of David & Sheree Kuhn. Sheree and David have been diligently volunteering and doing their parkrun walks throughout the pregnancy, and the Langebaan parkrun family were pleased with his safe arrival on 5th July 2019.


Mom and Dad started parkrun in August 2017, and recall their first walk being at Langebaan’s 100th event. They were pleasantly surprised with cupcakes and a cold drink on finishing the walk. Soon the weekly walk and socialising with the regulars led to playing a more active role in the event, with Sheree settling into the regular volunteering role as the tail walker, and David helping as parking marshal. This became the routine start to their busy Saturdays.


Every so often they venture out of the familiar surrounds of the west coast, for a weekend getaway, that has to include another new parkrun (tally up to 17 different runs completed now), and the Christmas and New Year’s extra events and double runs are a must attend for the couple as well.


Sheree and David have both completed over 50 volunteer stints and are both heading towards their 100th runs in the next few months, and aim to instill the values and routine of parkrun into Bentley’s upbringing.

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