News - 3rd October 2019

Christmas and New Year Compendium 2019/2020


Most parkrunners are aware that every year, in December and January, we offer a few extra parkruns.


Some of these are held on Christmas morning at parkruns which have agreed to hold an extra run. On New Year’s morning, it is possible to run two extra parkruns.


Again this only happens at parkruns whose volunteer teams have agreed to host these runs. Participating parkruns stagger their start times so that parkrunners can complete one and then travel to another parkrun in order to run a second. No parkrun is obliged to host any extra run and the decision to do so is up to each volunteer team.


For information on which parkruns are participating in these special holiday runs go to


From next year we will be following the example of some other parkrun countries and there will no longer be a Christmas run.


Instead we will celebrate Freedom Day by holding our extra run on that day (Monday 27 April 2020). We feel that this date is more inclusive of all South Africans and follows the example of Canada (1 July- Canada Day) Malaysia (16 September – Malaysia Day) and Sweden (6 June National Day of Sweden).

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