News - 31st October 2019

Dedicated to volunteering


After completing 249 parkruns, André Labuschagne (pictured on the right, above) made an interesting decision.


He chose not to run his 250th parkrun but to instead embrace the parkrun community and to volunteer as Run Director at Delta because, in his words, “introducing more people to parkrun is a far more lofty pursuit than qualifying for that 250 shirt.”


What a great gesture! But we should not be surprised by it. Generosity and the volunteering spirit are ingrained in André who, incidentally, has also introduced several people to  the fun of volunteering over the years.


What will surprise most, though, is that he didn’t stop there. André has continued volunteering as a guest Run Director at six different parkruns over the past six weeks.


He will only be completing his 250 at Delta on 9 November, which is also Delta and parkrun SA’s eighth birthday. I will be Delta’s guest Run Director on that day and I look forward to congratulating André on achieving his 250 milestone.


In his own words; “ Volunteering is an honour, and my milestone hasn’t gone away. It’s still there waiting for me.”


Thank you Andre for your contribution.


Bruce Fordyce

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