parkrun profile - 7th November 2019

parkrun profile: Rose, Lenasia


Rose parkrun, Lenasia joined the parkrun family in October 2018. Since then over 1,600 parkrunners have completed the two lap course in South Johannesburg. The core team tell us more:


How did Rose parkrun come about?  Rose parkrun hosted its first parkrun on 20th October 2018. We (myself and Imtiaz Sattar) realised a gap in the community after we noticed that their friends, family and ourselves would drive over 35km to the nearest parkrun.


After months of getting support, from friends, family and the parkrun head office the first event kicked off; hosting over 200 active community participants on the launch day.


What have been the highlights of your event so far? The event reeled in many memorable moments such as hosting the Freedom day parkrun whereby the volunteers hosted two sets of parkruns, one official and one unofficial, which was a phenomenal success because pulling two shifts from early in the morning was a big deal. On 19th October 2019 Rose parkrun hosted their 1st birthday Anniversary. The event was hosted by a squad of 30 volunteers and over 250 runners, walkers and joggers. There were many festivities such as a pre-event warm up, the actual parkrun and free cupcakes, treats and drinks to not just the participants but some people also just decided to sit on the side lines to cheer the participants on.




Who helps to make Rose parkrun a success? We have a pool of regular volunteers who make the event possible. They do not just show their support on the event day but they also give in their time during the week to make sure the event is a success every Saturday morning.

Imtiaz Ahmed Sattar -Founder and marshal who does a route check every Saturday, stores the equipment and is always around during pre-event set up and post-close down

Razia Sattar – Founder and the lady behind the success of the event. She is kind-hearted, helpful and does an amazing job making sure that the volunteers have their roles, she hosts a monthly braai just to thank everyone for assisting with the event and is a superb planner. It’s a reason why the hospitality she offers rubs off on her volunteer team.

The Mayet Family ensure a cleanup team is at the park on a weekly basis to ensure the dumping is cleaned up.

The Cassim Family-When the volunteer squad falls short of help the entire family is a phone call away to help us.

Imraan Moosa-Assists with the maintenance of the park from, cleaning to painting and ensuring that the park looks presentable.

Nagin Family-If there is one family who knows how to spoil participants with the most delicious food treats we know who is a call away.

Jada Family-This kind people provides water from their back yard into the undeveloped park which is perfect for the participants to keep hydrated during the event.

Makkan Family-Always ready to help and is ready to do anything.

Yusuf Dockrat-If we ever need media attention his our guy! He is our resident tail walker and an angel in silence who assists with pre-event set up and does his best to make sure the parkrun is hosted in the best light.

Nikhil Chetty, Roger Chetty, Bhavik Makkan, Uncle Solly, Hema Daya, Amien Shas, Aditya Jogi, Ayesha Cassim, Ebrahim Mohamed, Halima Ebrahim, Ihsaan Cassim, Nadia Cassim, SorayaCassim, Tashmira Goolaram, Sylvie Naidoo, Ria Jogi, Uzair Sattar, Yaseen Sattar-These are the most regular volunteer team who tries their best to make sure that they never miss an event unless its beyond their control. They always do small things that makes the biggest difference.


What makes your parkrun unique? The culture and community closeness - everyone is available to help without thinking twice.


What are the typical parkrunners who come like? The typical parkrunners are a mix of all options. There are frequent participants who makes it their goal to attend weekly just to make sure the event is a success.


What are the facilities like?  We have secured parking for runners. The car park is visible to runners around the developed course of the park. A toilet facility is available.


What is the one thing a first timer to your parkrun should know? Be prepared for a very fun, well hosted and flat parkrun which will open doors to many more events.


Rose parkrun gets weekly reviews from its home participants and tourists with positive feedback enjoying the welcome, hospitality and they enjoy the spirit and energy of the volunteers and the parkrun event itself.


Find out more about Rose parkrun, Lenasia on their facebook page or website.

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