parkrun profile - 12th March 2020

parkrun profile: Homestead Lake


Homestead Lake parkrun in Benoni launched in February 2019. In the first year, over 5,000 different parkrunners have completed the course! The core team share more about their event:


What have been the highlights of Homestead Lake parkrun so far? On 8 February 2020 there was a storm of note and it poured down, however our happy volunteers were out there in the rain, all smiles to greet 49 participants. Thankfully the lightning was far enough away for us to continue, despite numerous parkruns in Gauteng being cancelled that day.


Who helps to make Homestead Lake parkrun such a success? Our Event Director, Katerina, once brought her own lawn mower to Homestead Lake in order to clear the long grass and make a path for the runners! Katerina, along with Peter Aylott (our timekeeper and setup man) and Marilyn & John Gilbee (who without fail is determined to put up the parkrun flags) are some of our core volunteers. Marilyn’s daughter has also become a volunteer at parkrun and her son volunteers with us too.


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What makes Homestead Lake parkrun unique? We are dog friendly, have a dam to look at and fishermen along the bank


What is the course like? We have a flat & fast course that is mainly paved with a lot of tree coverage.


What are the typical parkrunners who come like?  We have a huge variety, from speedsters trying to chase down a PB to those who just want to get out and get some fresh air. Our age range is just as vast with children who are 5 years old participating to those well advanced in age still keeping fit. People come as single individuals, groups of friends and families.


We have a regular visitor that comes in his wheelchair to do the course and our doggie mascot is 3 legged Lily who uses a dog wheelchair to aid her to complete the parkrun.


What are the facilities like?  We have parking and there is a children’s jungle gym along with outdoor exercise equipment that was recently built. We have changed the start/finish in order to make the walk shorter, so if you arrive early you can get a spot close by. Toilets were not in a good condition and some are kept locked. We suggest using the petrol station across the road. There is a Spur nearby and a few other cafes in the area.


What is the one thing a first timer to Homestead Lake parkrun should know? That parkrun is for enjoyment, it is not a race, enjoy the atmosphere, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the company… and watch your step… this is a park after all. Oh, and when you get to the turnaround at the tree, wave at Atlasville parkrun on the other side of the road!


You can find out more about Homestead Lake parkrun on their facebook page or website.

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