News - 1st July 2020

Flying the flag for parkrun South Africa


As New Zealand becomes the first country to resume parkrun on 4th July, events across the country are “adopting” different parkrun countries to show the spirit of parkrun across the globe.


Invercargill parkrun will be representing parkrun South Africa when they resume with their 113th event. This event has the distinction of being the most southerly parkrun in the world!


In the run up to the relaunch of parkrun, they have been sharing facts and photos about parkrun SA on their facebook page, with the message “Tumeke koutou Awherika ki te Tonga” (well done South Africa!). The first event will be celebrating the rainbow nation, with parkrunners encouraged to dress in the colours of the South African flag.

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COVID-19 Framework

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When Saturday mornings become the highlight of your week

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