News - 1st July 2020

Why we parkrun


As we await the return of parkrun in South Africa, we have asked some parkrunners to share their reasons for taking part. This week, we hear from parkrunners at Gillooly’s parkrun in Bedfordview.


The picture above; that’s one of the reasons I do parkrun: scenes like this (and the views in the picture below), friendships developed, weekly exercise and trying to get fit, serving others, coffee and Stefo’s muffins and Heidi’s brownies, Event Directors and volunteer coordinators who put up with me, milestones and celebrations, and don’t forget the vitality points.


Pepi Malamoglou







I parkrun because it gives me a chance to compete against the toughest competitor ever – myself.  It gives me a sense of achievement and a great sense of community.  The friends I made as a volunteer are  the best ever and I love it when random people in the shopping centre walk past me saying “Thanks marshal”.


Yvette Bester



Carol Guy


Why I do parkrun; the challenge, fitness, service to others, camaraderie, belonging, to get my daughter out of the house, for the vitality points and Gillooly’s family who always make me feel so welcome.


Carol Guy



Heather Fray


In 2010 I was diagnosed with lung cancer.  It was stage one. I had an op and they cut away a piece of my right lung. I have one and half lungs. The doctor told me that walking is very good.  Then after three years was introduced to parkrun. I enjoy it so much that it has become part of my life. When I visit my brother in Australia, I found out that there is a parkrun on his door step. So I am part of the family as well.


parkrun has become part of my life especially now that I have become a volunteer.  And I must say that the volunteer family Gilloolys is the best and I really miss you all. This is why I  parkrun.


Heather Fray



parkrun started as a fun thing to do with my dog, Gadget, sort of mother-daughter bonding time. It has become a bit of an obsession, for both of us. A 5K run, walk or crawl is a great way to start a weekend. Apart from the sense of camaraderie and community I have found within the volunteer circle, as a woman in South Africa, it is a wonderful opportunity to get in some exercise in a safe, welcoming environment.


For me personally, what I love the most about parkrun is the inclusiveness. At parkrun we are all South Africans, doing a 5k together on a Saturday morning. As a marshal, I get to see people from all walks of life, races and age groups come running or walking past. The best part is seeing a smile break out on a parkrunner’s face when you give a few words of encouragement. My favourite come back is when a walker looks at me and replies “It’s not like I’m doing very well,” and I get to reply “But you got out of bed and made it here.”


When lockdown started, I set myself a goal of wanting to be able to run 5ks so that when parkrun returns, I can see how well I do. Hopefully I will be able to put my hard work to the test soon.


Janine Millar

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