News - 9th July 2020

parkrunning across the country

le roux

Gerhard and Catherine le Roux are running, cycling and travelling across the whole country, with plans to attend as many parkruns as possible.


The retired couple, of Standerton, regularly attend the Standerton River Park to complete the parkrun on a Saturday morning. Whether they are travelling the country with their caravan, or completing their home parkrun on a Saturday, they even sometimes dust of their bicycles thereafter and hit the road that way.


The two pensioners, who used to work for the South African Post Office, commenced their parkrun journey in August 2018, and have already completed the Standerton route along the Vaal River 129 times between them.


In addition, they have attended four ‘tourist’ parkruns, at Oudtshoorn, Polokwane, Uvongo and Hermanus. They have good memories of these experiences, from Oudtshoorn parkrun, where parkrunners start at 7am to run, jog or walk between the olive orchards and irrigation banks, to the route at Hermanus running between the bushes where a hill awaits, kind of a ‘Polly Shortts’.


Catherine is diabetic and has already lostseveral kilograms after she started taking part in parkrun. “I was almost dead with the first parkrun, but since then my health has improved considerably and I can keep the diabetes under control,” she said.


Gerhard’s best time recorded at parkrun is 39 min 38 seconds, while Catherine has a PB of 42:05.


They were on vacation when the lock down period took hold of the South African society and had to turn back from Calitzdorp to Oudtshoorn, but are looking forward to resuming their parkrun adventures all around South Africa.


Marina Schoombee

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