parkrun Hero - 9th September 2020

parkrun Heroine Torrin Theron

Torrin August 2020

The Western Cape ambassadors, event teams and parkrunners would like to say a big thank you to Torrin Theron for all the time and hard work she has put into developing our region – from the wine farms, to the beaches, shopping centres, golf courses, local parks, and forests.


Torrin joined parkrun in May 2013 at Root 44, the third parkrun in the Western Cape, where she soon became Event Director. She then went on to support the Western Cape teams as a Regional Ambassador for the next 5 years. She has decided to step down so that she can focus a little more on her own work, studies and the charities she is involved with. We are not losing Torrin, she will remain Co-Event Director at Root 44.


Torrin 4 August 2020


Bruce Fordyce commented: “Since the earliest days of parkrun, Torrin has been an amazing and invaluable asset and a dear friend. We cannot thank her enough. In addition, she came with Chris (her husband).”


Chris commented: “I am so proud of my wife. Over the years Torrin has been a guiding star in the Western Cape parkrun universe. Whether it was planning a new route, building a team, completing/submitting documentation, finding alternative routes, organizing volunteers or volunteering in one of the many roles during an event – she always did so with a smile and with her whole heart”.


Carina (Co-Event Director at Root 44) commented: “Torrin is the heart beat of Root 44 parkrun. She plays a key role in building an excellent working relationship between all our core and regular volunteers. In these trying times during the COVID-19 pandemic, our core team continues to grow from strength to strength. We are so blessed to have Torrin in our team”.


More about Torrin:
How did you get involved in parkrun? I was working with Elana Meyer’s husband when Root 44 parkrun was in the planning stages and was roped in. I was told it will just be about a hour on Saturday mornings, and wouldn’t take long. Chris and I met Bruce and Gill for training and the parkrun began journey.


What is your fondest parkrun memory so far?  Being stopped by people in street to thank you for what you do, even though they don’t know your name and you don’t know theirs, but by being at parkrun every Saturday, you have somehow managed to help make their lives a little bit better.


Seeing friendships made between people who would never have met otherwise and how happy they are to see each other every week as parkrun is now their common interest.


At an ambassador conference, Bruce was so determined to make sure that I got to see a real live Rhino, that he got the bus driver to take a detour in the Kruger Park. I was the only one at conference who had never seen a Rhino!


How many times have you volunteered? 356


How many parkruns have you done? 131


What is your favourite volunteer position? Scanner. My happiest volunteer position is marshal – I enjoy being a cheerleader, although I don’t get much opportunity to marshal.


Finally, from me: “Thank you so much for roping me in, for your guidance & patience and for all the fun times. Thank you for setting a very solid basis for the team to grow the Western Cape region”.


Alison Turrill
Western Cape Regional Ambassador

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