News - 24th September 2020

The (not)parkrun tourists


On 15 June 2020 the concept of (not)parkrun was introduced globally. And soon questions were raised. What is (not)parkrun?

  • A 5k run, jog or walk … that seems to be familiar
  • Self-timed … THAT is not parkrun
  • On a route of your own choosing … THAT is not parkrun
  • At a time permitted by the governing regulations of the area … THAT is not parkrun. parkrun time is 08h00 (or 07h00 in some cases) in South Africa
  • You can log your activity once a day … THAT is SO not parkrun. parkrunday is what was previously known as Saturday

THAT is not parkrun – it indeed is (not)parkrun!


On 17 July 2020 a group of 9 parkrunners started a WhatsApp group dedicated to (not)parkrun tourism. parkrun tourists comprise a small portion of the parkrun population who enjoy attending events at different locations, locally and abroad. And the (not)parkrun tourist is no different: only a tiny percentage of the total number of (not)parkrunners are keen to bring virtual visits to different events.


Sadly, international activity for the group is a no-go-zone as it’s too difficult to change home runs internationally on an ongoing basis.




The group has the benefit of a stunning cheerleader – Outeniquasbosch parkrun’s inimitable Tannie Ita – and even though (not)parkrun doesn’t require volunteers, they are all very welcome to join in the fun.


The group have frequent discussions on areas such as travel schedules and modes of transport (mainly magic carpet rides) and PBs (being parkrun breakfasts) – lots of recipes are shared.


We have visited a number of parkruns, by zooming in on interesting places to visit as well as events live not yet launched. The group visited De Aar, Outeniquasbosch, Paballelo, Alice Campus, Springbok and Adrenalin Addo. Weekly visits include Port Alfred, Cradock, Mthatha, Aggeneys, Vryburg and more…


Although parkrun does not celebrate (not)milestones, the (not)parkrun tourists acknowledge the increased activity given the opportunity to log one a day, some made use of the opportunity. On day 50 of (not)parkrun, Neels and Estelle Raath of Outeniquasbosch completed and logged their 50th (not)parkrun. And they are still going strong. Members of the group stepped up and added the necessary bells and whistles to celebrate in style!




Johan Duvenhage was the next to achieve a noteworthy point in his (not)parkrun touristing journey as he let the fingers do the walking to reach when he completed (not)event #50 on 16 August 2020 with a new PB!


Our group is lots of fun and all about the same community spirit as parkrun. Feel free to join the magic carpet ride of the (not)parkrun tourists and experience it first-hand. The group currently has 37 members and if you want to join the fun, this is the link.


Wilna van Emmenis

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