News - 19th November 2020

Feeling like a new person


When I looked out my beach road flat one Saturday morning and saw all these people running and walking (Strand Beach parkrun), I said to myself: I also can do that. I found out more about parkrun and what enticed me was that I do it only against myself. No other parkrunner is involved in my own little battle. I don’t have to run, I can just walk at my own pace. I compete against myself.


I decided long before that, I must get back in shape before I turned 60. This was the opportunity I was waiting for. That first morning I went there, I was really nervous. I was thinking: “What if I don’t make the 5 km walk?” But then I also convinced myself, nobody would know because you don’t even register at the beginning. If I don’t make it, I will come back and try again next week. Then the parkrun idea got hold of me. I so much enjoyed it. I even volunteered a few times.


Thanks to everybody that helps every Saturday to make Strand beach parkrun happen. But I always struggled to get it done in under an hour. Then I decided that if I lose weight, I can do better in parkrun. I started on a weight loss program (all by myself) and also started walking a 5km on other days also. After a few months I was doing a 5km walk 5 to 6 times a week.



Welly at the start of his parkrun journey, and now


Then lockdown struck. Gone was my beloved parkrun. I couldn’t even go outside for a walk. But in my head I made a very important decision. I am always a person that decides to make the best out of the worst situation. Thanks to Covid19 and the lockdown I couldn’t go out to restaurants. I couldn’t invite people for a braai, and they couldn’t invite me for a braai. That helped me a lot. Let me use this opportunity to lose more weight during this period that I am not allowed to walk outside. Since the middle of February, I am feeling like a new person. I’m looking forward to starting parkrun again when we can.
Welly Du Toit

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