News - 30th July 2021

parkrun South Africa returns


It has been a frustrating “stop-start” time for parkruns in South Africa but for the second time this year we are excited to be reopening several of our parkruns next Saturday (7 August), after another lockdown hiatus of just over a month where we were once again unable to stage a single parkrun. We are delighted to now be in a position to start some parkruns again.


For the second time this year we have deliberately chosen some of our smaller parkruns that are also, geographically speaking, distant from any of the large metropolitan areas. This will ensure that we are in no danger of transgressing any of the current lockdown adjusted level 3 regulations. We will not be publishing a list of the resuming parkruns, nor announcing how many. The parkrun communities that are restarting are extremely excited about this major step, and they are all ready and raring to go on the morning of Saturday 7 August.


I would like to encourage parkrun tourists to consider the impact their attendance may have on the numbers at these parkruns, and ask people not to travel around the country. We are keen to have a quiet, low-key start to this second new beginning of parkruns in South Africa. After this second new beginning we will be able to reassess the situation and plan the journey forward. If things go well, it is our intention to gradually reopen more parkruns. I would like to request everyone to please check the websites and social media platforms for more information and cancellation notices.


As before a great deal of work has gone into this seemingly inconspicuous new beginning and I would like to thank the teams at parkrun Global, parkrun SA and to each of the parkrun teams for their invaluable enthusiasm and hard work. 


Finally, I would like to ask everyone to adhere strictly to the Covid-19 parkrun framework and the government legislation around Covid-19. 


Cheers for now



Bruce  Fordyce

CEO parkrun SA 

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