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Feedback from the field


On 30th July 2016, a friend (ex South African) was visiting from New Zealand, and a mutual friend suggested we head over to parkrun for fun that weekend at Giloollys Farm in Johannesburg. It was mid-winter, and a beautiful crisp morning. We nattered away whilst walking all the way around the course, and had a lovely outing. I then started walking parkrun more regularly, and as time went by I got started a bit of jogging, followed by some walking, then a little bit a jogging again, despite a history of dodgy knees.


Eventually, I ended up running the 5km route and loving it! I even invested in some good running shoes. And I was volunteering most weeks, which I loved.


However, I then got plantar fasciitis, apparently a common affliction for new runners. I found it tough not be able to walk or run every Saturday.


I was really pleased to eventually heal and be back to running to parkrun. We formed a “parkrunners” group and would try to do different parkruns as often as possible. I even managed to run a couple of 10km races – which I would never have believed years ago had you told me I would be a runner! Thanks to parkrun, I now love my weekly 5km!


We had great fun on Saturdays, heading off to do parkruns near and far, and gathering for breakfast afterwards. I had clocked up 160 parkruns, of which 89 were at my home event at Giloollys, but when Covid hit and we had to stop parkrun.


I have logged about 40 (not)parkruns in the past few months, but really miss the parkrun vibe; the social part of parkrun, the breakfasts, the different locations, and would prefer not having to run on my own. I will be overjoyed when parkrun returns to Johannesburg, and so will all my parkrun friends! Hopefully not too long now…


Vanessa Anderson

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