News - 13th June 2022

Help save lives at parkrun


At parkrun, we’re committed to keeping events as safe as possible for everyone who joins in.


We’ve promised to provide all events in South Africa with a defibrillator. It’s a huge undertaking, and you can help.


Here’s how.


Thankfully, critical incidents at parkrun are exceptionally rare. But they do happen. Analysis of our comprehensive reporting database shows chances of survival are 65% higher if an automated external defibrillator (AED) is used within minutes.


With this in mind, we have committed to providing defibrillator devices at all parkruns, everywhere in the world. This includes every South African event, almost 200 in total.


Working closely with our global defibrillator supplier, Aero Healthcare, we have set up a special fundraising campaign where you can donate towards the fund.


Donate Here


parkrun South Africa president Bruce Fordyce said:


“I would like to invite you to join me in making the dream of providing 200 defibrillators a reality, for every parkrun event across South Africa.


Globally defibrillators have saved many lives. Now it’s our turn.


Each defibrillator costs about R20000 each and we are aiming to raise R4 million.


This will be an ongoing project. It will be quite a challenge, but I know South Africans love to rise to challenges and the resilient South African spirit is legendary.


You can play your part by donating to our campaign via Backabuddy and by spreading the word and sharing our story on social media”


Donate Here




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