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parkrun profile: Lonehill

Lonehill parkrun in Johannesburg held its first event back in April 2014. Since then, over 25,000 different people have completed the course, setting more than 27,000 PBs in the process! The core team tell us more:   How did Lonehill parkrun come about? Lonehill parkrun was set up at the beginning of 2014 by a…

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parkrun profile: Hermanus

Hermanus parkrun launched on 31 October 2015 and has seen more than 10,000 different finishers. Having recently celebrated their 5th birthday, the core team share more of their story.   How did Hermanus parkrun come about? Diane Hunter moved to Hermanus in 2013. She participated in the Roodepoort parkrun and discovered there was no parkrun in Hermanus…

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parkrun profile: Voortrekker Monument

Voortrekker monument parkrun became the first parkrun in Pretoria when it launched on 28 September 2013. Since then it has been run over 200 times, with the finish line being crossed a huge 98,769 times! The core team tell us more:   How did Voortrekker Monument parkrun start? Who was responsible for getting it off…

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parkrun profile: Swakopmund

Swakopmund parkrun became the first parkrun in Namibia when it launched on 8th April 2017. Since then, over 2,400 different parkrunners have completed the course. They share their story with us:   How did Swakopmund parkrun come about? Buttons Heyns and Dave Hammond (still the Event Directors)  were responsible for getting us started. They were…

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parkrun profile: Hazeldean Farm

Hazeldean Farm parkrun is a hidden gem in the East of Pretoria. You wouldn’t think that a mere 15 minutes drive from the estates, suburbs and shopping malls, you would find a trail parkrun on a working farm. Many visiting parkrunners have labelled it “One of my top10!”   Run by EDs Ingrid Hauger and…

Welkom Memorable 1
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parkrun profile: Welkom

Welkom parkrun in Free State launched in May 2017. This inviting parkrun has seen over 4,000 parkrunners complete the course more than 35,000 times between them! The core volunteer team tell us more about their story:   Who was responsible for Welkom parkrun being set up? The initial setup was done by Raffaele Moretti, Shane Waugh and Christo…

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parkrun profile: Clarens

Clarens parkrun launched in March 2019 and in its first year saw more than 2,500 different parkrunners complete the course. The core team tell us more:   How did Clarens parkrun come about? Peet Pelser is an avid athlete and trail runner and was responsible for the launch of our parkrun. He toggles between his love for…

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parkrun profile: Homestead Lake

Homestead Lake parkrun in Benoni launched in February 2019. In the first year, over 5,000 different parkrunners have completed the course! The core team share more about their event:   What have been the highlights of Homestead Lake parkrun so far? On 8 February 2020 there was a storm of note and it poured down, however…

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parkrun profile: Ficksburg

Ficksburg parkrun started in February 2019. In its first year, this event in the Free State has been completed over 2,700 times. Fiona Viljoen tells us more:   Who was responsible for launching Ficksburg parkrun? Karin Schuld got it off the ground and did all the footwork to ensure that Ficksburg has its own parkrun.   What…

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parkrun profile: Roses

Roses parkrun, north of Pretoria, started in February 2018. Since then this scenic parkrun has welcomed over 6,500 participants. The core team tell us more:   How did Roses parkrun come about? Julize van Niekerk sent Ludwig’s Roses an email asking why we don’t have a parkrun and followed up with us. We then contacted parkrun and…

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