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Feedback from the field

The Hazeldean Farm parkrun and Meyerton parkrun Event Directors took the opportunity when not volunteering to run together at Roses parkrun on a beautifully cool morning, followed by a coffee together.   Ingrid Hauger       At the reopening of Melkbosstrand parkrun last weekend, it was brilliant seeing all the familiar faces again, with…

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Everything you need to know about parkrun

Been wondering what a parkrun looks like? Where do you go? What do you do? How do you sign up?   Whether you’re joining us for the first time, or a more seasoned parkrunner that just needs your memory refreshed, we’ve put together this handy guide to everything you need to know about parkrun.  …

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Feedback from the field

We are back!   After a quick briefing, Swakopmund parkrunners were ready to go on Saturday.   Beautiful weather was ordered and delivered and fun was had by all.   Swakopmund parkrun volunteers      My daughter kept on saying, “mom, why don’t you start doing parkrun?”, and my granddaughter said “Nanna you can do…

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Feedback from the field

On 30th July 2016, a friend (ex South African) was visiting from New Zealand, and a mutual friend suggested we head over to parkrun for fun that weekend at Giloollys Farm in Johannesburg. It was mid-winter, and a beautiful crisp morning. We nattered away whilst walking all the way around the course, and had a lovely…

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Island parkruns you must sea

Have you ever been to a parkrun on an island?  It can be a very different experience.  Surrounded by water it can offer a tranquil experience where you can get closer to nature.  Sometimes they are completely traffic free so once you cross the bridge (or get off the ferry!) you can get that car-free…

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Update on changes to milestone t-shirts

Earlier this year we announced some changes to the milestone t-shirts that recognise and reward individual participation at parkrun.   As we prepare to implement the new process, here’s the latest information.   Back in March 2021 we let you know about changes we are making to milestone t-shirts.   We had initially hoped that…

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Tayla and Steve take on parkrun in the “purple peanut”

In Western Australia, Tayla Taseff loves crossing the parkrun finish line before her dad Steve each week.   Steve pushes Tayla, 22, around Yokine parkrun in her “purple peanut” wheelchair each week.   Tayla has cerebral palsy, but she refers to it as “cool people syndrome”.   “We are very cool humans,” Tayla said.  …

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Feedback from the field

I started parkrun in Walvis Bay after I hurt my back. I walked, albeit very carefully as I can’t afford to risk any injuries, but have been advised to do gentle physical activity. I walk using my Norwegian walking sticks. I enjoy the camaraderie and friendship of all members of parkrun.   I did not…

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Finding love at parkrun

Nikki Foster and Colin Ward had been unlucky in love, with a string of bad online dates behind them. While Nikki joined parkrun in January 2016 and Colin a few months later in June, they had never met there and wouldn’t meet in person until the following year.    Ready to give up online dating,…

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The parkrun family

I set off for Blandford parkrun with mixed feelings: so happy to be able to attend parkrun; so anxious it would be nothing like back home in South Africa. I’d run 53 parkruns before, 52 of those at my home parkrun in Grahamstown. I’ve been in the UK for a year and a half, but…

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