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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 16 September 2023

Welcome to the weekly photo round-up from around the Nordics on yet another great weekend for parkrun – our second best ever attended regular weekend, just a handful behind the record set a few weeks ago.   Here’s some photos that tell the story       Celebrating 100 parkruns at Billdalsparken parkrun with a…

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Top tips to get a personal best

First and foremost, we all know that parkrun is about taking part, community, being social together outdoors, and maybe grabbing a coffee afterwards. But sometimes, you want to aim for a personal best (PB)!   We share some top tips from long-distance runner and regular Australian parkrunner Steve Moneghetti about how to give yourself the…

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Volunteering at parkrun helped build my confidence

Simon Tobin is a full-time doctor and regularly speaks with hundreds of people throughout the week, but he has a fear of talking in public and can stammer when he gets nervous. Volunteering at parkrun helped him get used to talking to groups of people, and even gave him the opportunity and confidence to take part in…

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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 9 September 2023

Welcome to another parkrun photo round-up from around the Nordics! Plenty of sunshine and smiles as we welcomed another 1500+ parkrunners to our events right across the region.   Here’s some of the highlights:     A sunny morning on the west coast with nearly 100 parkrunners joining Stavanger parkrun on Saturday     Talking…

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parkrun was a form of therapy

Joanna Dudziak lives in London and is the run director at two parkrun events. When she moved to the city, taking part in parkrun provided Joanna with an opportunity to get to know her community and enjoy different parkrun locations with her visually impaired friend.   Joanna writes about how parkrun has helped her build confidence…

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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 2 September 2023

Welcome to the weekly photo round-up from the Nordics, the first in September and great to see the high attendances continuing into the start of the autumn.   Here’s a selection of photos from this weekend:       We start off in Oslo at Nansenparken parkrun, and a big thank you to all the…

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It’s a great time to parkrun!

As we approach the end of the summer, there couldn’t be a better time to get outside on a Saturday morning and join the parkrun movement. From Oulu in the north of Finland, to Esbjerg on the west coast of Denmark, there are plenty of events to choose from. It’s continuing to get more accessible…

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Welcome to the Nordic photo roundup from 26 August 2023

Welcome to the weekly photo round-up from the Nordics! This week we celebrated the anniversaries of both parkrun in Sweden and Norway, with Haga parkrun celebrating its 7th birthday and Tøyen parkrun turning 6.   Despite the rain across much of the region, we still had a bumper summer turnout with plenty of people joining…

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From Cape Town to Poznań

When Michał George started parkrunning at his local event in South Africa, he discovered five reasons that kept him returning every Saturday morning.   We speak to Michał about why he loves parkrun and his experience of going to an event in his home country, Poland.   I heard about parkrun through my younger brother…

Växjö 2
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Changes to the Nordic special day events

2023 saw changes to a number of the parkrun ‘special day’ dates in the Nordics, with Norway moving their day to May 1st (Labour Day), Finland to Ascension Day (Helatorstai/ Kristi himmelsfärdsdag/ himmelfartsdag) and Denmark to June 5th (Grundlovsdag/ Constitution Day). Sweden retained their special day on June 6th, Sweden’s Nationaldag.   Previously the days…